twitter time-out

It seems Twitter has put me on a time-out. I have no idea why, but my account got suspended about 2 weeks ago. I filled out a support ticket to notify Twitter—and emailed them multiple times—but as of yet, I haven't heard anything back. It's so frustrating!

So no, I haven't unfollowed you. I'm not ignoring you. And I haven't been abducted by African militia. I'm alive and well. Just Twitter-less.

When my internet is working, I'm posting to Instagram (I'm @gritandglory there too). So be sure to follow me there so we can at least interact that way.

I miss you guys! I'd love to hear what's going on in your world. So how about we swap highs and lows?

My high this week was... hmmm... I really suck at narrowing things down to only one. So I'm gonna pick two. My high work-wise was walking through the construction site of Love Botswana's new Life Centre. It is going to be the new home for their church, offices, and outreach programs—and will have the first indoor gymnasium in the country! It is really exciting and encouraging to see a dream come to life so tangibly.

My other high was the first down/slow night since we got here. Linda (my colleague) and I had a Friends marathon the other night. We did nothing but laugh, and it was definitely good medicine!

My low is feeling exhausted. I've seriously been so tired. Between high pain days, the heat, and a very full work schedule, I've just been worn out and seriously dragging...

What's your high and low from this week?