TV Dinners

It's Tuesday night. Ordinarily, that wouldn't mean a whole lot; but here in Africa, Tuesday night is the best night in television. We have what we like to call our "Tuesday Night Line-Up" that (right now) consists of Alias and then Prisonbreak. The Line-Up varies throughout the year, and at times is even better with Survivor, CSI, and 24 all in one night. Regardless, Tuesday is our night to kick back and watch some TV...

I must say that there was much dismay and protest when on the first episode of Alias, Vaughn was "killed". (Remember, we are behind you guys in the States - so don't spill the beans on me!) We are all still a little bitter and unbelieving...we'll just have to see, I guess. I must say, though, that the start of this season has moved Alias way down the list of my favorite shows - Alias is pretty empty and ungripping without Vaughn.

The Tuesday Night Line-Up is more than just good TV. The staff come over and join us, and usually Rebecca makes some "treats" for dessert (the kitchen-wonder that she is!). All in all, it's definitely something I look forward to each week.

The second season of Lost begins tomorrow night here. We had missed the first season but Dave came back from his Christmas break with the DVD. We just finished watching the entire season; I've decided it's actually way better to wait for the DVD. No commercials. No week between episodes (especially helpful when they have cliff-hanger endings). No scheduling conflicts that cause you to miss a crucial episode. It was great. We really cranked through them - with our record being 8 episodes in one day! Now that we are fully up to speed, we are ready to start watching season 2...

So yeah, that's what some of our "down time" consists of. Niel and I both really enjoy movies and great TV, and it's fun to be able to still enjoy some of those here in Africa.

Yep, even missionaries watch TV!