the red cup of happiness

For years I've said that my favorite time of year (in America) is the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the whole atmosphere of this month leading up to Christmas---the white-light-outlined homes, the Christmas music, the holiday scents and sights... Today, I discovered a new marker for the start of my beloved Christmas season: the launch of the Starbucks red cup.

Most stores have had their Christmas decorations on display since right after Halloween. Some were so brazen as to put them up before Halloween. So seeing the mall decorated for Christmas was no surprise today.

red cup of happinessBut when I walked into Starbucks and saw not just Christmas decor, but someone walking out with a red cup, I couldn't help but smile really big! The cup is great, and my gingerbread latte in it was perfect.

There's just something warm-fuzzy festive about drinking a holiday flavored coffee in a holiday themed cup. It doesn't get much better than that.

Now I guess my new favorite time of year is: from the launch of Starbucks' red cup through Christmas...