the power of intentionality

There is so much power in intentionality.

I crave learning and personal growth. Crave it. I'm constantly looking for areas to improve on, books to devour, teachings to soak up. That results in lists and lists of things I want to change in my life. Which can get pretty overwhelming.

And easily forgotten.

Often I determine, with great zeal, to change this or start doing that. But then, in the hustle and bustle of my life, I honestly just forget about it. Sure, I remember at first. May even start to initiate things. But then life takes over, and my "good intentions" are pushed so far back into the crevices of my mind that I easily never think of them again.

Good intentions really mean nothing, unless I actually intend to do something with them. "It's the thought that counts" is nothing more than a cop-out for my inaction. The thought never counts. What I do with the thought is all that matters.

Herein lies the power of intentionality.

I put feet to my long list of desired changes when I tackle them one at a time. What will I be intentional about this week? When I choose one thing to focus on -- just one -- I am able to actually do it. It is like a rope that pulls me out of the mire of everything I want to change, which I so easily get bogged down in. I can focus my energy, effort, and emotional strength on just one specific thing. And I'm able to see the results of my focused intentionality, which just fuels me to do it again the next week.

So... what will you be intentional about this week?