the 20k grand prize


We're getting close to 20,000 comments here at the Grit. And, at least in my little world, that's a pretty big deal. One that's worthy of a competition and, of course, a prize.

20,000 comments is worth celebrating because it reflects what I love most about my blog: the community that's had here. The best bits aren't found in my posts but in the comments. I value your input and feedback; I cherish the glimpses into your heart; I laugh at the crazy shenanigans that erupt.

Seriously. The comments are where it's at.

So in celebrating the 20,000th comment, I'm really celebrating all of you. For making the Grit what it is. (Everybody together: Awwwwww.) Since we can't all get together for a rockin' party, the next best thing is a giveaway.

I was thinking how amazing it would be if the 20K commenter could win 20K. But yeah. So not gonna happen.

But I want the prize to be something you think is worth winning. I got some of your initial thoughts on this already, but it's time for a serious Grit brainstorm session.

In the past I've given away brownies and gift cards to Starbucks and iTunes. We need to top those. So gimme every suggestion you've got. (How 'bout I set a budget of $50?)

What do you want to win if you post the coveted 20K comment?

Oh, and all you lurkers out there? Now's the time to come out of hiding. I'm just sayin.