forrest gumping

Niel and I basically Forrest Gumped our way around Sicily, literally stumbling into some amazing things that we probably wouldn't have discovered had we even tried.

: :

  • Like an incredible restaurant for our anniversary dinner. With a Dustin Hoffman lookalike as the manager, excellent service, and the best cannoli Niel's ever tasted, this was hands-down our favorite place to eat.

  • Like ancient ruins in the middle of a vineyard. We couldn't resist exploring the old abandoned buildings, surrounded on all sides by row after row of grape vines.

  • Like one of the best wineries in Sicily. We managed to get in on a tour and tasting, even though they're not open for walk-ins!

  • Like amazing pizza at a podunk bakery in a tiny village that we really only stopped at because my bladder was screaming profanities.

  • Like a restaurant that's been around since 1890. They serve the best homemade ravioli---we went back another night just to eat it again!

  • Like an outdoor market festival in the village closest to Europe's largest active volcano. The market was abuzz with locals buying and selling crafts, honey, jam, etc. At one of the meat and cheese stalls, Niel sampled a gelatenous cow tongue concoction that wobbled like an overgrown Jell-o Jiggler gone bad.

  • Like a small trattoria where Niel told the chef, "Surprise me!" He ended up with a whole fish (head, tail, and all!), several large prawns, and a stomach ache!

  • Like a wine shop where you bring your own empty bottle (of any variety) and they fill it with wine from an oak barrel (using a glorified gas pump nozzle).

: :

I love that we saw and experienced the less-touristy side of Sicily. Which goes to show, there are real benefits to not having a clue where you're going or what you're doing!


Nothing feels quite like coming home.

Even after seeing gemsbok (my favorite African antelope), watching a hippo watch us, and spending an evening with a herd of elephants, nothing feels quite like coming home.

Even after a pedicure, a back massage, and the professional hair removal of my, um, nether-regions, nothing feels quite like coming home.

Even after a road trip complete with good music, great conversation, and lots of laughter over an emergency on-the-side-of-the-road pee break, nothing feels quite like coming home.

Nothing, at all, feels quite like coming home.

(I didn't take very many pictures on safari, but here's the best of the best.)

there's no place like home

"Your house really shows your personality," Kitty said the other day. "It's the little things you have everywhere that make it your house. I love how it shows who you are." Suddenly I started seeing my house differently than just moments before. Want to see what I noticed? (Click on each picture to see a bigger photo and description.)


What gives your home personality?