twenty-seven: letters that spell hope


Over the past two years, God's been repeatedly bringing something to the surface of my heart. It's just a single word, but it holds such strong promise of hope for me.

Time and time again, it was in the forefront of my thoughts. I talked about it in my missions class; it came up in conversations; I emailed it to friends; I even wrote a blog post about it.


I grew up understanding that the word means peace. But last year I discovered that shalom means so much more. It means nothing missing, nothing broken. And those twenty-seven letters paint a picture of what God truly desires for me.

He wants every part of me to be whole. Complete. Satisfied.

That's often so hard for me to believe because I don't see it. I don't feel it. But I know it's true.

I wanted a visible reminder of that promise from God. I need to see it every day so I'll remember that even when my life doesn't reflect it, God is journeying me towards wholeness. Nothing missing, nothing broken.

So I got a permanent reminder.


I don't think I'll fully hold it in my hands this side of Heaven, but I'm seeking my shalom in Him.