lady in waiting

So i'm sitting at the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license. Now I don't know if all DMVs are set up the same way, but in New York after waiting in line at counter #1 just to state the purpose of your visit, you're given a ticket that basically numbers you in the queue. (I can say queue. I live in South Africa where British English rules. Long live the Queen!)

Then you move to the waiting area which is nothing more than rows of benches. Up on the wall is a big digital screen that displays ticket numbers and directs people to the appropriate counters for assistance. Every time the digital screen changes, a short bell sounds. Everyone looks up, every time it dings, even though the wait is always ungodly long.

So here I am, sitting on a bench at the DMV, ticket in hand.

Twenty or so minutes have already gone by and not only has my patience worn thin, but so has my attention span. Or maybe it's my sanity.

The digital screen changes.

The bell sounds.

I hold up my ticket, jump out of my seat, and shout, "Bingo!"

It's not even my turn. I sit back down with a proud yet embarrassed smile on my face. Around me, people begin to clap. And cheer. Someone on the bench behind me leans forward and pats me on the shoulder.

Who says a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles needs to be boring?