birthday extravaganza

Niel and I spent both our birthdays with an ocean between us this year. I think that was a first for us.

My man turned 34 at the end of July, just days before he flew back to America. (He is so much older than I am!) Since I wasn't there for his party, I sent a birthday note for a friend to give him at his shindig. Niel and I chatted online as he read the note, which told him about some surprises I was saving for a week of summer birthday fun.

This is our first time together on Long Island in August, and I wanted Niel to experience some summery bliss. Tomorrow we're going to a water park; later this week, we're visiting the aquarium, picking fruit at a nearby farm, touring a local brewery, and kayaking in a state park. I've been letting Niel in on the surprises by revealing one a day since we reunited in DC.

The last one I revealed was the biggest. The best. The one I was most excited about. And his big birthday surprise took place today.

I sent Niel for a two-hour introductory flying lesson.

He loved it, and totally impressed the flight instructor with his "natural ability". (He's watched a lot of Discovery and History Channel!) When Niel came back into the office where I was waiting during his flight, he looked happier than I've seen him in a long time.

Happy birthday, Hombre! I love you!