still smiling

I don't often have the luxury of saying to my friends in America, "See you tomorrow!" But tonight I did. And I'm still smiling about it.

Danielle put together a wonderful jamboree for us. OK, we didn't really call it a jamboree. Only Yeller and I did in emails and chats. In real life we called it "An Evening with Thrive Africa". But "jamboree" is certainly more fun to say.

There were about 30 people there, almost all of whom we've never met before. They seemed excited to hear what God is doing in South Africa. (Which is always encouraging!) I even got to meet some friends-of-a-wonderful-friend. And I ate strawberry shortcake.

It was a great night indeed.

And ending it by giving Danielle a hug and saying "See you tomorrow" just about made me squeal with giddiness. I never never never get that luxury. (Still smiling.)

We are hanging with her and her family for a few hours tomorrow, and I know it's going to be great. The bit of time we had to connect tonight was already wonderful. (She even invited us to do laundry at her house... What a friend!)

AND... I don't have to set my alarm for the morning. The thought of sleeping in is just...Wow! The perfect ending to a great night.

Yep. Still smiling...