souvenirs from cali

My time in California was bittersweet, and filled with a strange mixture of emotions. But underlying all of that, it was a wonderful gift to be with April for her wedding. Being able to help with last-minute details---from late-night Walmart runs to putting on her veil before the ceremony---made my heart feel full. I've never gotten to help any of my friends with any part of their weddings before. So every moment made me feel very blessed.

Though I don't have children of my own, I think I know what parental pride feels like. I felt it in a thousand different moments over the past few days. I am so proud of April. For her depth of character. Her resolve. Her patience and grace under pressure. Her wise choices.

And while there is a lot about April's year in Africa that I wish I could change---for her and for me---I am unbelievably grateful I had that time to get to know her and pour into her in some small way.

I know I often begrudge the revolving door of my life. But after a week like the one I just had, I can't help but lift my eyes and thank my Jesus for bringing so many people through that door.

My life is certainly richer for it.