"Public servants" in South Africa (government workers) went on strike on Friday. This includes hospital staff and teachers! Schools across the country closed, just a week before the students are required to take national exams. Teachers who still wanted to show up and do their job were threatened with violence by the teachers' union. The union actually threatened bodily harm to the people they are supposedly representing -- the teachers themselves!

Entire hospitals are also closed down. Doors locked. Turning people away. One woman died at the door because they would not let her in to be treated.

Why aren't these principals, teachers, doctors, and nurses thinking at all about the people they are supposedly in their profession to serve?

True lasting change will not happen in this country until people in leadership use their influence to improve life, not for themselves, but for those they lead. I don't believe we'll see the this type of change with the current generation. That is why our focus is on raising up next generation leaders to be Godly, strategic influencers.

The future of this continent depends on it.