a gritty siesta

It just needs to be said: My year is off to an unbelievably better start than last year was. And the next two weeks are gonna push it over the edge. In the best way possible.

I'm eeeeeeeeeee-ing inside (and out) with excitement over what this January holds. This much I know is true: It's gonna be good!

I also know it's gonna be hard.

I'm taking some big risks. From the outside looking in, it may not appear that way. But believe me, I am. My heart already feels it.

The Grit's gonna take a bit of a siesta while I'm enjoying every risk-filled moment. Aside from a couple pre-scheduled posts, you'll only hear the sounds of crickets here at the Grit for the next couple of weeks.

But I promise to tell you all about it when the siesta's over.

And I'll have some pictures you won't want to miss.