See Through My Eyes

The view when you come in the main gate and look towards the right; that island used to have a gazebo/picnic spot on it, but it got struck by lightning and burned down...

The eagle's head peak and the chalet (cabin) at its base

The middle and, ironically, smallest mountain: Mount Everest

Mooihoek mountain (means "Beautiful Corner"); this is the mountain that burned a few years ago.

The view from atop Mooihoek; the heart is a grove of trees (on our property); animals often hide in there and it's fun to race through on our four-wheelers.

There are cool outcroppings of rocks and boulders all over the property.
Part of the main complex, this is the eating hall and conference room.

One of the housing units; the single female staff live here (Mooihoek in the background).

One of the cabins
Just a random end-picture; Niel hunted an eland on our property last Thanksgiving. Eland is the largest antelope in the world; all the guys sitting on it gives you an idea of its size...