Q's & A's

Iquestion mark pile had coffee this morning with two friends I met in the blogosphere. The rich conversation and red cups of happiness were a great start to my week in Ohio. I always enjoy getting to know you guys more, whether in person or through our blogs. So since I learn so much about you from your answers (which I love!), let's do a round of Q's and A's.

Here's 10 Q's for you. Answer any or all of them. And feel free to leave a question for me, too.


  1. Breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast, or neither?
  2. What's the best movie you've seen recently?
  3. Favorite Christmas tradition?
  4. What song best describes you today?
  5. Least favorite sound?
  6. What author or speaker has impacted your life the most?
  7. Describe your ideal vacation.
  8. What’s the oddest thing in view right now, wherever you are?
  9. Biggest hope for 2010?
  10. What’s one blog I should read that I might not already be reading?