puppy love

Niel and I have been having ongoing negotiations discussions about getting a puppy. Niel wants a dog that can roam our 2500 acres and jump in the back of his pick-up truck (which, interestingly, is also in the negotiation sometime-in-the-future stage). I, however, would like a dog that stays mostly indoors for purposes of cleanliness and cuddling.

Niel wants a he-dog. I want a she-dog.

Niel wants a big monster of a dog. I want a mid-size dog. (Not a kick-me dog, but one that isn't tall enough to conveniently wedge its nose in my crotch.)

Our negotiations discussions have become an ongoing joke, and Niel brings it up as frequently as he can to try to get others on his side. Somehow he worms it into leadership development at staff meetings, in sermons at church, and in random conversations with almost-complete strangers.

Anne Nonomus suggested we host a comment contest. Whoever gets the most comments, gets a puppy.

Not sure if it'll be a deal-breaker, but it's definitely a fun idea.

We've got between now and Friday. Let the comment war begin.

(Please, people... Help me out here!)