phelps phans

Here's my family-friendly highlight from last weekend in DC---my reunion with my long-lost husband after 11 weeks apart: We watched Olympics, a lot of Olympics. Those who know me well know that I get pretty into sports. Now, let me clarify that a bit. I'm not athletic at all, and I'm not a big sports fan. But if I'm going to watch a sport---any sport---then I am going to get into it.

I may not typically go out of my way to watch swimming, but seeing Michael Phelps win so many gold medals and break so many world records had me bouncing on the bed, pumping my fist in the air, and hollering my lungs out. It was a blast.

But the best part was when Niel said, "I'm so glad we won that."

Do you even realize why? He said "we"---the collective "we" that is America. And he's South African.

Yeah, my heart felt the full weight of the significance of that statement. I threw my arms around his neck and told him I loved him even more for saying "we".

So, yes... We are Phelps phans.