parenthetically speaking

Yesterday was beautiful; summer finally kicked in with 80-degree weather and gorgeous skies. (It's been cool and rainy a lot lately.) Niel and I packed a lunch and headed out on the quads to the backside of the mountain (first time I've done that since my adventures with Natalie). I kept picking up my legs as we rode through the tall grass (dangerous, I know). I'd like to blame it on the fear that there could be snakes in the grass (which is always a possibility), but really I just can't stand the feeling of the grass against my skin (Nature Woman I am not).

I also discovered once again that I really don't like riding on terrain that tilts the quad horizontally (does that make sense?). I'll take a vertical slope over a horizontal one any day (I'm a wuss).

We checked out the new road we're making (to help during fire season), got close to some wildebeest (no babies yet), past the spot where Natalie and I crushed some skulls (good times), and rode close to Victory Rock (sigh). We set out a blanket near where we want to build our house (aaah... someday) and we ate our sandwiches and fruit salad picnic-style (with much fly-swattage action).

We came home tanner (or maybe it's just redder) and grateful for togetherness.

Lesson learned today:  I only pretend to be brave.

(And I really need to invest in a sports bra.)