One Word Mile-Marker: Halfway

It's June. The year is half over. So it's time to check in with everyone for a mid-year One Word 2011 update.

I would love to hear how your word has developed in you over the past six months, how it has impacted you and the ways it's taken on significance in your life...

How has your word taken shape? And how has it shaped you?

Does it mean something different to you now than you thought it would?

How has it steered your decisions, plans, and actions?

How do you remain intentional about it? How can you continue to focus on it during the rest of the year?

This is a mile-marker.

To look back and see how far you've come, but also to help you set your sights forward on the six months that lie ahead of you.

What do you want to do differently with the second half of the year?

It's a way to take your pulse, honestly process how you're really doing, and purposefully step into the rest of the year.

Would you write a blog post about your One Word?

And then come back here and link up so the whole community can read it?

I think it would be incredible if each of us took time to read at least 5 update posts from this link list. We can speak words of life and truth to each other's hearts, and rally around one another in encouragement and support.

You can do this.

We can do this.

Together, let's finish strong.


Write your update blog post, then come back and add the link here. (Use the permalink to the specific post, not just your homepage.)