not an ounce of easy

"I can't imagine it's been an ounce of easy, but only by God's power can it be good." Someone said that to me in an email, and I've been stuck on it ever since.

The past two years of my life have definitely not been an ounce of easy. That much I know for sure.

"But only by God's power can it be good." I find myself repeating that phrase over and over in my head. I need it to sink down deep into my heart.

I know cognitively that He works all things together for good---even my "all things". And I have moments, nanoseconds, when I genuinely believe it. But the majority of the time, my heart struggles to hold onto the hope in that promise.

But I want to believe it. I need to believe it.

I want to see His power, His goodness, in this. Even when it's difficult to recognize.

Only by God's power can this be good.