No Shirt, No Shoes...

Here in South Africa, it is not uncommon for children to run around barefoot. I don't mean just around their house or yard, but as they accompany their parents through the stores in town. Even more shocking is that adults often do the same. It is a frequent site in our grocery store to see men walking barefoot. (Usually they are wearing short shorts as well.) It makes me cringe.

I've had many discussions with Niel regarding this phenomenon. He grew up in this culture, so to him it is as normal for the guy to be barefoot as it is for me to expect him to wear shoes. Niel has started to see the light, but still wonders why I (and the rest of our American staff) have such a big issue with this. Aaaah, the joys of a cross-cultural marriage!

I've come to appreciate the American policy of "No Shirt, No Shoes...No Service". Here it is definitely "No Shirt, No Shoes...No Problem!"