no matter how beautiful

Recently someone told me I seemed European. When my face scrunched up into a question mark, he explained:

"You're so confident and self-assured. You're not insecure like most American women seem to be."

I about choked on my breadstick. I wanted to look over my shoulder and find the woman he was really talking to, because there's no way that description fits me. Definitely the wrong size. Send it back for a refund!

I laughed and said, "Really?!" My voice went up about 6 octaves at the end of that one word. (I was dripping with European self-assuredness!)

While I still think what he said was a bit far-fetched---he's not called Jack the Wack for nothin'---I also know that others see in me things I don't see in myself. Even more, I know that God sees in me so much more than I see in myself.

I want eyes to see those things.

Not so I can pat myself on the back. Or walk with my chest out. (Although I could definitely use better posture.) Or even so I can feel better about myself.

I want eyes to see those things because He put them in me. And to ignore them, or worse, never even uncover them, would be a slap in His face.

Today I am praying, "Lord, help me to realize the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is."