more than words

They say friends start to sound alike. My vocabulary is pretty chameleon-esque, with words and phrases lovingly stolen from quite a few friends. I gotta admit: I love my mosaic dialect. Mostly because of the memories that lace every word.

My sweet friend Tracee and I have picked up a crapload of each other's sayings. (Oh yeah! She flew with me to Africa for these few weeks. God is so very good to me. It's strengthening to my heart just to know she's sleeping in the room next door as I type this. But I digress...)

It makes me laugh how often we sound like each other. Like the eleventy-two times it happened today alone. There are some things we both say so often, I can't even remember anymore which one of us started them.

I love it.

It reminds me just how much my life is impacted by those I let close. And if "bad company corrupts good character," then I know the opposite is also true.

And I hope to pick up more than words from my good company.


How do you and your friends sound alike? What are some words and phrases from your mosaic dialect?