like gram

Ways I am like my Grandma:

  • She was short.
  • People always noticed her smile.
  • She could eat a surprising amount.
  • She was immensely sentimental.
  • She'd do anything for those she loved.
  • She didn't usually have a lot to say.
  • She remembered people's birthdays.
  • She disliked playing games she knew she'd lose.
  • She was a giver.
  • She rather enjoyed sitting indoors on a sunny day.

My beautiful Grandma...

Ways I want to be more like my Grandma:

  • She consistently displayed the fruit of the Spirit.
  • She made the best pot of sauce and meatballs.
  • She didn't care about material things---at all.
  • She had the patience of a saint.
  • She prayed faithfully.
  • She persevered with joy through every trial.
  • She wasn't afraid to let people see her cry.
  • She loved tirelessly, even when it hurt.
  • She remembered everything.
  • She rarely spoke negatively about anyone.
  • She drank a glass of red wine every night with dinner.