What are you known for? My husband is notorious for asking that question when we visit a restaurant. He wants to know what's uniquely theirs that keeps people coming back for more. And then he usually orders it. He wants to taste and see for himself.

Sometimes it's bit him in the butt. Like the time in Sicily he ended up with an entire fish---bones, head, insides, and all! But most of the time he really enjoys whatever it is they're known for.

I've been thinking lately about his famous question---but in the context of me. What am I known for?

I could easily tell you what I want to be known for. But what I actually am? That takes some more thinking. I think it's a question worth knowing the answer to, though.

How about you? What are you known for?

Maybe it's your contagious laughter, or your gentle spirit. Perhaps it's your loyalty, your passion for God, or your spontaneity. It could be your authenticity, or your love of baking. Or even your much-applied minty lip gloss.

Ruminate for a minute, and then let us know what you think. I'll be back later to answer the question for myself.

What are you known for?

Feel free to answer anonymously.