just one

I just read someone's mission trip follow-up letter. You know the one that's sent to supporters after the fact to reiterate appreciation and to share how much the trip impacted them? That kind of letter. The letter I read was sent to supporters over five years ago.

It was written by someone who was dramatically changed by God on the mission field. This was clearly evident in the letter she sent out after she got home. It's also very easy to see in her life even now, so many years later. Going on a mission trip has that effect. I know that very well.

But reading this letter caused my eyes to fill with tears. It is an amazing thing to see how far someone has come. It is a breathtaking moment when you get a glimpse of the miraculous work of God in someone's life.

But mostly I was moved because all those years ago, the trip she went on was to South Africa, to serve with our ministry. To see firsthand a destiny that was transformed by us---both directly and indirectly---is a humbling thing. To think of the other futures that will also be affected through the ripple eeffect of her life causes a lump to form in my throat.

This girl went on to become an intern at Thrive. And then a friend.

So to get this glimpse back to her first experience with us, so very long ago, was pretty incredible. And more than enough motivation to keep doing what I'm doing.