I love the book of Isaiah. I recently told a friend that I can (and often do) just camp out there. Isaiah 61 has always been significant to me, for many reasons; and God led me there again this week.

As I mulled over the words, it quickly became a prayer for myself...and for a friend. And while I wouldn't normally do this, I felt impressed to share my written prayer here. In some ways, there's freedom in sharing it. But mostly I just have a sense that it's for someone else, too...

I pray...

That God would bind up our broken hearts (from wounds inflicted by others as well as ourselves)
Pronounce freedom into every part of our lives where we are held captive (by sin, fear, self)
Shine His light into every corner where darkness still resides within us (as scary as that may be)
Speak His unswerving, undeserved favor over our lives (for apart from it, we can do nothing)
Comfort us in our grief (over the big and the small)
Give us beauty for our ashes (for I know I have many)
Flood us with joyous blessing to wash away our mourning (over losses both significant and minute)
Clothe us with garments of praise (covering us head to toe) as He takes away the spirit of heaviness and despair (an amazing exchange)
Make us oaks of righteousness, planted by Him to display His splendor (rooted firmly, strong, unmovable)