in recovery

My gall bladder came out on Thursday. I'll spare you the picture my surgeon took for me (he's awesome like that!), but take my word for it—I'm glad to have that thing gone. The pile of stones it held was near record-breaking, that's for sure.

I've done basically nothing for the past few days. Tracee, my roommate, has taken good care of me: keeping me fed, hydrated, and medicated. Oh, and keeping something good in the DVD player at all times. Booyah.

Today I'm feeling more discomfort than pain, which is certainly a welcomed improvement. Laughing still hurts like crazy, and don't even get me started on sneezing. Ouch.

Boredom has started to set in. Maybe you can help stir up my stir-crazy a bit.

Tell me what's going on in your world. Or tell me a funny story (the laughter pain will be worth it). Or link me to something you loved reading or seeing or hearing. Anything at all.