if God's in it

The other day I heard someone say something that got me soapboxing in my head. "If God wants us there, then everything will work out. The doors will keep opening for us, and everything will just come together."

And while that sounds spiritual, I've gotta be honest... I disagree.

Sometimes, even when you're right where God wants you to be, it doesn't all work out all the time. Doors will slam in your face. Provision may not be there. Vehicles will break down. There will be floods, and droughts, and fires. The bottom my even fall out of your world. Sometimes, it's just one hell of an uphill battle the entire way.

If smooth sailing is an indicator that God's in it, then difficulties are a sign that He isn't?? Hmmm... I wonder what Paul would say about that, having penned most of the New Testmanet in prison...