i hate being cold

I'm Africa-bound today. And hoping I can sleep through most of the 15-hour flight. As usual. I'm not sure yet how much I'll be able to blog while I'm there. I've got a few posts scheduled to go up this week, but beyond that... I don't know. I'm gonna try to still post as often as usual, but ... no guarantees. It depends on a lot. Like if I'll even have internet. Or power.

Or if my fingers are too cold to type.

Because I'm leaving the summery sunshine to go back to winter. And if you have doubts, believe me it gets cold where I live in South Africa. We get snow. And we have no indoor heating.

Here's to seeing my breath in my bedroom when I wake up in the mornings!


I hate being cold.

But rest assured. If I have power and internet and non-frozen appendages, I'll be blogging.

Oh! And please add warm weather to your prayer list!

[If you haven't yet, let me know what you've chosen as your prayer prompter. Then when I see/do/think about those same things, I'll be reminded of how you've come to Africa with me through your prayers.]