how He loves us...

I've shared before about the song How He Loves Us, and how God's used it to carry me through this past year. I've spent hours---days---with that song on repeat, letting the words wash over my heart. According to iTunes, I've listened to it 343 times. And I know my heart could use dozens more... My friend Lindsey has been doing a series on her blog about God's incredible love for us, using that song as the backbone. She started by sharing the story behind the song (and if you haven't seen that video yet, you definitely should). She's had some incredible people share glimpses of God's love as reflected in their own hearts and stories. Go lose yourself in the posts... There's some really great stuff in there.

I have the privilege of blogging over at Lindsey's today. The significance of that song to me personally makes it an even greater honor to be a part of this amazing series.

Teaser: I wrote about the adulterous woman. And how I am her.

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