how do you say "risk" in spanish?

I knew choosing risk as my one-word for the year would be risky. And I seem to have jumped right in with both feet. I'm sure a free vacation doesn't sound like a risk to most of you, but it certainly was one for me. It even took me a few days to respond and say "Yes" when I was offered this wonderful gift. Partially because it's just hard for me to receive personal generosity, and partially because of the risks involved.

Not the least of which was spending ten days with people I'd met only three weeks before---and three others I didn't meet till I landed in LA!

But I felt instantly comfortable to just be myself. And I hit it right off with the Pennsylvania gang. We had so much fun together. I'm incredibly grateful for these new friendships.

all of us

Some other ways, big and small, that I risked during the trip:

  • I left my laptop behind. It was the longest I've gone computer-less in almost a decade!
  • I did an outdoor adventure tour in Cabo. I zip-lined 1800 feet, rock-climbed, rappelled, and cable-walked over a gorgeous canyon. Invigoratingly frightening!

cable walk swing bridge

  • I braved the pool on the roughest day at sea. The swells in the pool were ridiculously huge, which was enough to get this non-water girl hyperventilating. But I did it.
  • I went dancing. And I can't dance. But I had a blast, and I might go so far as to say it was therapeutic.

IMG_0789 IMG_0806

Most of my time (when I wasn't sleeping past noon... a -hem...) was spent just chilling and being ridiculous with my friends. [I discovered that I make a weird face in 95% of pictures...]

And while we went to Karaoke pretty much every night, this is as close as I got to singing...