Home Sweet Home

Our home is an old farm house --- with many quirks and problems, but it is home nonetheless. I just learned that it is one of only two homes that were left standing in this area during all the wars and battles that were fought. Interesting. (Yes, that's a trampoline out front, and our red four-wheelers...)

Together with my parents, we just purchased a house in New York; my parents went to closing yesterday. We are excited for my parents to be able to live in a nicer and bigger house (with more than one bathroom!!!) and for us to have more space when we are back home. I've only seen pictures so far and cannot wait to see the real thing when we are Stateside later this year! We are excited!

We had a snowstorm earlier this week; since my attempt at linking to an online album failed, here are some pictures from the day after the snowstorm...