holy crap!

I've gotta be honest with you. never expected One Word to explode the way it did!

It has taken me completely by surprise. Overwhelming in the best of ways!

I wasn't trying to start a movement. Or a revolution. Or ... anything really. I don't propose to have "invented" the idea or to be the first person to choose a solitary word to focus their life on.

I was simply sharing my commitment to live the next 365 days through the lens of a single word, just like I did before. And I invited my friends to join me.

To my amazement, the next thing I know... my inbox is being lit up by blog comments and Twitter follows and sign-ups on that linky-thing! CRAZY! Even now, all I can do is shake my head because it's just that wild!

And it kept exploding...

friend coined an "official" Twitter hashtag and created an online Daily Paper to track everyone's blog posts. Another friend bought the domain OneWord2011.com and made it link to my site. Yet another friend set up a Facebook page for those who don't do the Twitter thing.


And so incredibly humbling.

I don't know why it resonated more strongly and spread more widely this year than last. I honestly don't. But it has. And it's still growing.

And it excites me and scares me all at the same time.

The power to influence one another's lives as we pursue our One Words together is astounding. There is enough momentum to keep everyone focused and moving forward all year long. People are praying for each other, encouraging one another, brainstorming practical ways to live out their words. Iron is sharpening iron, and it is absolutely mind-blowing to watch and be part of. It's exciting! Really, really exciting.

The fear comes in because of all my insecurities. They are many. And they run deep. I also feel totally unprepared for what happened. I don't even know what that means or why that matters, but it kind of freaks me out. I'm scared of failure, rejection, having nothing to offer, being misunderstood... I'm scared. But I'm doing it afraid.

Because I know how significant my One Word was in my life last year. How choosing to risk shaped my life and my heart. And I want to live everyday this year looking. No matter what.

I want us all to live out our words well.

This is so much bigger than me. This is about community. Doing life together. Pushing one another to be more like Christ.

This isn't about hype. Or hoopla. Or numbers. As exciting as all that may be.

This is about real, determined, intentional life-change.

And boy do I need me some of that!