help wanted

I'm starting to think through a facelift for The Grit. I am ready for something new. Something that more reflects me. And more reflects the community that I love here.

I'm working with the amazing people over at Cross and Crown who are designing and building my new site. And seriously, people... They do incredible work. You need to check them out. Like right now. A-ma-zing.

I'm not very creative and I can't really envision something without seeing it. But I know I want my new digs to capture the essence of my heart for this space:

  • To be warm and inviting. Welcoming.
  • To feel comfortable and cozy, like your favorite couch.
  • To look clean and simple, but somehow unique. Captivating.
  • To express my heart for authenticity, transparency, realness. As well as the tension I feel in truly living that out.
  • To communicate the broader story of me, not just the pain of the past couple years.
  • To show the contrast of grit and glory in the design.
  • To foster dialogue and community.

As for the specifics of how to do that and what it should look like... I need your suggestions!

What ideas do you have for The Grit's makeover? From abstract thoughts to practical, specific things... lemme have it!

Hit me up with links of sites you love, and please tell me why. I also wouldn't mind hearing what frustrates you or turns you off, so I know some things to avoid.

Nothing's off limits.

Loves. Hates. Styles. Colors. Themes. Anything... And everything...

I wanna hear your thoughts.

Please? MmkayThanks.