happiness under where?

I bought some new underwear the other day. I intentionally flew to America with my oldest, holiest (?) pairs so that I could ditch them when I bought new ones. So I left a pile of old (but clean!) skivvies in my friend's garbage pail last week. I intentionally bought one solitary pair of hot pink undies among my pile of white, black, and nude (which, in my opinion, is a horrible color name). Now you need to understand that I don't really like pink. I've never been a very girly girl and have always refrained from wearing all things pink. When Niel saw my assorted collection of new undergarments, he raised his eyebrow and asked what was up with the one pink pair.

"I figured I could wear these on a day when I need unexpected happiness," was my reply. He raised his eyebrow some more, so I explained further that the hot pinkness is so bright and surprising, it's bound to make me smile throughout the day. And I figured that might come in handy sometimes. "Ohhhh..." was about all he could muster in response. It seems that some things only make sense inside my brain.

I wore my happiness underwear the other day. While I was quite amused when I first put them on, I quickly forgot about them. The first time I used the bathroom a few hours later, though, I started to laugh when I was reminded of what I was wearing.

See... They work!

What makes you unexpectedly happy?