going to church together

Sounds a bit strange to say this, but one of the very few constants I've had over the past 4 years is my online community. The other day, my friend Tracee described my blog as being my "one consistent home." I love the imagery of that because it perfectly describes how my heart feels with my friends around the world, even if I may only get to connect with them through a computer screen.

For years while living overseas, my lifeline was found in emails, blogs, podcasts, & downloadable sermons.

It's how I stayed connected to people and found ways to keep my heart and spirit filled up. I never really had internet reliable or fast enough to stream a live church service, but dang I would have loved that!

As I've moved around America over the past couple years, my online friends were the only ones who moved with me everywhere I went.

Having known what it's like to rely on the internet for community---due to location, circumstances, whatever---I believe strongly in social media and online church. I just appreciate and value the impact it can make in someone's life, because I know the impact it's had in mine.

So even though I attend church on Sunday mornings, I'm also involved in Cross Point's Internet Campus in the evenings. And I love it.

We watch the same message that is shared at all Cross Point campuses that day, and there is always great discussion in the chat. People share their thoughts, ask questions, pray for one another... It's insightful and, honestly, a lot of fun.

My favorite element is that after the message, Pete Wilson (or whoever spoke that day) makes himself available for a live Q&A with those watching online.

I love that!

I have never before known a pastor who openly invites people to ask him questions about his message and his own faith journey. I've seen Pete get asked some difficult questions, and he always responds with honesty and humility.

So... If you're craving some more community, aren't able to make it out to church, or just want to hear some solid teaching... then you should join us at the Internet Campus.

Let's go to church together this Sunday night!

Sundays at 6:00 PM Central Time crosspoint.tv/live

Have you ever done church online? What are your thoughts?