god's way vs. my way

We tackled the weighty subject of disobedience in our staff development time on Monday. Niel feels strongly that we are on the brink of the miraculous and on the edge of a supernatural breakthrough of provision. In a desire to "get the house in order", and make sure we are in no way stopping the flow of God's blessings, he challenged all of us to examine our hearts.

We each made a list of five areas of our lives in which we are doing things our way instead of God's way (which is what disobedience is). Niel then challenged everyone to fast one day this week. In 9+ years of ministry, Niel's never before called a corporate fast. I knew he was serious and that God was clearly leading us to do this.

Everyone agreed, and today is our ministry-wide fast. We were all asked to spend time in prayer today about the five things on our list: to really think (with Holy Spirit guidance) about how we are doing those things our own way, to seek out and better understand what God's way is, and to commit to initiating a change in each of those areas.

My time spent doing just that this afternoon was wonderful. (I hope it was for everyone on our team.) I also spent some time mulling over a passage I love in Isaiah about what God really wants from me as I fast.

I am challenged. But I am also filled with hope. Hope for a changed life. Hope to become more like Christ (even in a small way) each and every day. Hope for forward motion in my journey.

I can't wait to see what God's going to do...