The other day a church asked us if they could film an interview with us for their TV show. WHAT?! That is so not my thing. For so many reasons. But we did it.

We sat across from the pastor on a comfy couch on the church stage. We were miked up---you know those awesome nearly invisible teeny-tiny ones??---and had 4 cameras aimed our direction. I kept thinking, "Do you really need four angles of us?" Actually, my biggest thought was, "For crying out loud! Today of all days I woke up with a massive zit on my right cheek. Do we really need so many different views of that?!"

We talked (and filmed) for about 25 minutes.

When we finished up, the pastor told us we did a good job. And I scooted off to the bathroom.

Niel told me later that while I was gone, several of the pastors and crew went on and on about how much of a natural they thought I was. They said I seemed so comfortable, I spoke articulately, I carried myself well. HUH?! I don't see that at all and so it just kind of boggles my mind.

What giftedness do others see in you more easily than you see in yourself? Why is it hard for you to see it?