Genny to the Rescue

I am sitting here typing to the hum of a generator. Well, actually it's more like the sound of a loud, obnoxious lawn mower than a sweet, gentle hum.

We woke up this morning to no electricity on our entire base. A call to the power company informed us that we were experiencing a "planned power outage" and would continue to experience this until at least 4:00 this afternoon - possibly later. T.I.A. - This is Africa!

My resourceful husband dug out our generator and fired it up. Everything that is plugged into the extension cord that is running from the generator into my office now has power, including our itnernet connection. Niel is off in town buying more petrol to keep the genny (African, shortened version of generator) running as long as possible. We are trying to make a productive day out of what started out as a seemingly counter-productive one.

In the midst of my growing to-do list, I thought it was a good moment to blog. While I try to avoid the "this is what I did today" type of posts, I do strive to share aspects of my life that will help you understand more of what my life in Africa is really like - planned power outages, gennys, and all!