four-minute friday: wonderbread

Go. I need to be honest. After being in Seattle for a couple weeks, I'm finding it a little more challenging to be back in Wonderbread, Ohio. (No offense to any of my midwesterly readers!) There are lots of reasons it's hard to be here right now: I miss the city. I crave diversity. It's lonely.

Having friends nearby all day every day for two weeks straight was just what I needed. And now I'm back to being far from those my heart holds close. Hmph.

I'm driving to Cleveland today, though, and I'm already smiling just thinking of how fill-upping it will be. And not just because there's potential for some slightly-more-urbanesque experiences than I get in my corner of the state. But because I'll have a weekend with my heart's friend. Which means there's bound to be lots of laughter, long talks, stretches of comfortable silence, late nights, and (of course) some Flight of the Conchords.

And I get to crank up the jams on my road trip there and back. Awwwwww yeah...


Go ahead and four-minute about your weekend plans. Or, well, anything really.