four-minute friday: time zones

Go. Well, it's almost midnight. Which means it's almost Saturday. And I just realized I never four-minuted today. Yikes. i've got a few minutes left to still get it done on Friday. Although it'll still be Friday in America for many more hours. And it's already not been Friday in Australia for many hours. Time zones are a weird thing to think about. So I won't think about that. Not right now anyway.

Although not thinking about time zones now has me thinking about my 17 hour flight next week. Yep, my next four-minute Friday will be written from New York. I have been so busy, I haven't had much time to get too excited yet. But typing that right then? That made me smile really big.

I have an uncanny ability to (typically) sleep through almost the entire over-the-ocean flight. I love it. With my new short do, I'm anticipating landing in JFK with an amazing case of bedhead.