four-minute friday (on sunday): penguins

Go. After a 15-hour drive, we made it to Cape Town around 8:00 last night. Niel and I each drove a vehicle full of interns, the entire way. I think we stopped to pee about 6 times (??); my friend Laura took a picture at each stop to document the moment. I'll post some with the rest of our Cape Town pictures at the end of my trip.

We're here till Friday for debriefing. Then the interns fly home on Sunday.

I laughed at the clumsy African penguins this afternoon. (Don't believe me that there are penguins in Africa? I'm serious!) They are very funny to watch. Especially with our added commentary. And of course, we had to laugh that their name was changed in recent years to "African Penguin" from "Jackass Penguin".

It felt good to laugh.

I think we're eating tacos tonight. Mmmm...

Did you know I love Cape Town? I do. It's my favorite place in all of South Africa. There's city, mountains, and ocean. It doesn't get much better than that. There's also a place called New York Bagel that is just fantastic. And did I mention, there's city?! Yeah, I enjoy it here.