four-minute friday: goodbyes

Go. Jon McLaughlin said it best: I hate the sound that goodbyes make.

I've talked before about the revolving door of my life. I've said a lot of goodbyes in the past eleven-plus years as a missionary. It never gets easier.

I think my heart is more sensitive right now and she feels more deeply the sting in every farewell. The miles of distance seem multiplied. The sorrow that comes in the night feels heavier. Sigh.

I've been living in Ohio with my Kitty's parents for eight months. Terry and Weezer took me in as one of their own daughters and made me feel very loved and cared for at a time I really needed it. Goodbyes were tearful when I left for Atlanta this week, and driving away from my W'ville home felt completely bittersweet in so many ways.

My heart is echoing today with my least favorite sound.

The one that goodbyes make.