four-minute friday: flag tees


Okay, so you know the $5 Old Navy flag tees that we've gotten every year since 1998? Yeah, I know you know them, since you have a shelf full of them in your closet.

I always have to think way ahead of time to order them online or send mom to the store for me, and then get them shipped out to Africa. But I always do it because... I don't really know why. It's more about the tradition and sentiment than it is about the shirts. But... I do it. And I love it. And you smile. And graciously wear the shirts. I don't really know how much you actually enjoy this tradition of ours, but you sport 'em well. I'm imagining that you're even wearing one right now in honor of the Fourth of July.



I have to tell you something.

There will be no 2008 flag tees for us. GASP!

This year---my first time in America over this patriotic time in ages---I forgot all about it. I didn't order any online; I didn't buy some in any of the Old Navys I've had the privilege of walking by these past few months. Nope. I never thought of it at all.

Until yesterday.

A quick check online and at the nearby store brought a crushing blow. Sold out.

So... The tradition has ended. No more flag tees.

I hang my head in shame.