four-minute friday: business meeting

Go. A-hem. Can I have your attention please? It's time for some Gritty business.

This meeting is officially called to order. All those present, say "Aye!"

  1. The talk to me page is finally up and running. That's where you can go if you want to send me an email. But even better, you can also record and send me a video message! How fun is that?! So if you're feeling creative or just want to say hey, go 'head and send me some video mail.
  2. There's also a new page called the lounge. It's a video chat room---so all of you with webcams can meet up and talk to each other. I need you guys to check it out and let me know how it works. Maybe we need to organize an inaugural Grit chat!?!
  3. We're getting close to 20,000 comments. We celebrated the 10,000th with a giveaway---Brandy won herself some brownies---and I'm thinking we need to do something like that again. The big question is: what should the prize be?! Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

Meeting adjourned.