four-minute friday: cold

Go. It's freezing here today. Well, not literally, and not as cold as it was a few months ago. But considering it's summer and that we had 80-degree weather not too long back, every bit of today's 52 degrees has soaked into my bones. I feel cold on the inside. I need to take vitamins.

And then there's the tip of my nose. It's frigid. Wanna feel it?

I normally would have drank back-to-back hot frothy beverages to warm myself up. But I had the disgusting discovery this morning that my brand-new carton of milk was sour. I discovered it as I ate a spoonful of milk-laden cereal. I almost threw up. Unfortunately, no hot frothiness for me.

It's cold when it shouldn't be cold.

I know my heart gets like that, too. All too often.