four minute friday: puppies and kittens

Go. Hombre, I don't really need four minutes to tell you what my heart wants to tell you. I can do it in six words:

I love you. I miss you.

Or even these six words will do:

But since this is called Four-Minute Friday, I'll fill up the remaining three minutes with sweet everythings.

My little namesake is 9 days old today; isn't that crazy? What's even crazier is realizing that you have yet to meet this sweet little girl who's moved into my heart. You will love her, I know. I've missed you a lot these past 9 days as I've been experiencing so much that I wish you were with me for. ::SIGH::

Dave keeps asking me about our futuristic dog. I shrug; I giggle; I say, "We'll see..." This much I know is true: You and I are going to have a blast with the Kitties this coming year. It'll feel like a very long breath of fresh air for our hearts.

I taught Silas to say “Are you ready?” with a British accent. Every time he says it, I can’t help but laugh. I already imagine you teaching him all sorts of crazy things.

But really, all I need you to know is that I love the moon and back.