four-minute friday: nicknames

Go. My mandibular friend and I have been having an ongoing discussion about nicknames for quite a while now. She decided to blog about it. I decided to copy her.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a nicknamer more than a nicknamee. I love coming up with unique nicknames for friends, although I've never really had many nicknames in my life. I guess I have a tricky name to work with when it comes to nicknaming... I don't know. My mom's called me Midgey Girl since forever (I'm not really sure where it even came from), and my dad and brothers call me Beece. The only other nicknames I've had are what my friends Dave and Amy call me---Lizzy Kitty, Kitty, or Kitten. Long story. Don't ask.

So I'm taking suggestions for nicknames. Let me know whatcha got. We can narrow them down and vote on it.

How 'bout you? What are your nicknames?