flotsam and jetsam

Normally, I jot down some thoughts during the week so that I can remember what happened come Sunday night when it's time for my mental download. I don't know how my week escaped without me making note of a single thing, but somehow it did. All I seem to be able to recall, unaided, is what Natalie and I have been up to this week. Here goes...

  • We have a new "walkie-talkie" tradition. Most days we've gone for a walk after work, and it's always a great time for us to download with each other about our day.
  • We also take real lunch breaks. Wow. I haven't done that regularly in a long time. That's a habit I'm hoping planning to continue with. Slowing down mid-day is good for my soul.
  • Yesterday we drove to a city about 2 hours away to do some shopping and catch a movie. It was great to get out of town, and although I was tired, I enjoyed getting to drive for such a long road trip. (I am so in love with us having our own car. It's amazing.)
  • We now do Thrive Church on Thursday nights, which makes Sundays -- refreshingly -- a day of real "Sabbath rest". Today was absolutely perfect. Slept late. Lounged around in PJs till noon. Got some work done. Caught up on some blogs. Packed away my winter clothes and went through all my summer stuff. Looked through old pictures. Shared conversation, tears, hugs, and laughter. Perfect day indeed. For both of us.
  • My hombre comes home a week from tomorrow! (Okay, that's not me-and-Natalie related in anyway, but definitely worth celebrating!)